Visionkr ユニセックス・アダルト

Visionkr ユニセックス・アダルト

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Does a good job, the right ear arm is lose and i dont know if it suppose to be like that or not but it seems like every pair i ordered is like that so maybe it suppose to be flexable.I tryed tightning it but it didnt work.The left side is tight its only the right side on all..But overall I like them as long as they hold up and dont break,They are a lot better than the cheap dollar glasses I have been getting at the Mighty dollar.

I didn’t care much about the blue-light be blocking properties of these, because I actually turn my screen up to the brightest (daytime—not reddish/nighttime) level to multitask my devices into whatever they are (iPad, iPhone, MacBook) AND a sort of “full-spectrum light” mood-improving device. (Yeah, that sounds really weird, but it makes some sense, no? And, my circadian rhythm doesn’t get messed up, because I use that warmer-tone “night” setting after 8 p.m.)ANYway, I got these, with this coating, because I figured (correctly!) that it would also prevent some smudging that other cheap (uncoated) readers get all over them. At first, I loved these things.Problem is, within days, the nice coating was wearing off, just from my having used the (included—thank you) cleaning cloth to wipe them off once or twice daily. So, that part’s a bummer. They would have been *GREAT* otherwise.Nice frames—I even sought some regular glasses with that same (not too big, not too small) frame design. So, Readers Manufacturer, if you can get that coating to stick better, or if you think I got a fluke pair, I’d be happy to try them again and (if warranted) change my review. (Seriously, they’re nice readers—but something’s up with that coating.)

No headaches for me at all like others have reported. They reduce the glare and are just so pleasant to use. The hue of my computer looks lovely. The style is very similar to my Jimmy Choo prescription lenses that I use for distance and look great! I did read that doctors aren’t convinced these type of readers help reduce eye strain and I’m not sure either. I just know that everything I’m looking at looks great!

These did help with the computer screen/glare, however, whatever is on the lens has started to blur or “rub off” in the centers of each lens. I keep them in a case when I carry them in my purse and am careful not to touch the lenses too much so I am not sure of the cause. Iam still able to use them as the tint is still there but feel this should not happen, especially after such a short period of time.


Visionkr ユニセックス・アダルト

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