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EyeYee レディース

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Nice glasses a bit big for me but value for money

Muy ligeros y de buen gusto

Pretty okay glasses for the price. A little on the flimsy side because of how thin they are. You defenetly want to keep them in their case if you put them in your purse, car, drawer etc. I use them at work since I’m in front of a computer all day. I got the +0.25 ones since I have nearly perfect vision and use them mainly for the anti-glare/blue light from the screen. I like using them just to protect my eyes, they seem not to be as tired at the end of the day.

Love these glasses! I have purchased glasses and spent hundreds of dollars and not been as pleased as I am with these. My only complaint is they skip down my nose just a little over time. They’re stylish and seem to be really well made and they’re SO light. I’ll be ordering another pair just to have more than one available when I need them.


EyeYee レディース

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