SIPU ユニセックス・アダルト

SIPU ユニセックス・アダルト

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These glasses seem sturdy, durable and look good. They are a bit narrow on my face and a tad short to reach my ears, but the measurements seem accurate, so I expected as much (they still look good on me, haha! I’m 5’11”, 195lbs if this helps).My only real issue is that the color I requested is not accurate to me. I ordered the gold framed glasses, but these look rose gold or copper to me. I took a picture of the glasses next to a small, gold hair ornament for comparison. Maybe mine are defective, but whether that is the case or not, they aren’t gold 🙁

It’s alright, not great quality but what can you expect from a product this cheap. It would be great for a costume or cosplay. I thought the lenses would be bigger however they a bit small. It’s fine.

Perfect glasses for costume or cosplay. They are cheap for the price but they still work. Little more bendy than expected so maybe keep away from younger kiddos. Bought for a cosplay and wasn’t wanting to spend a ton so they work for me.

Very well made, they have sustained many drops and are intact. They are slightly larger than expected but that is not the fault of the product. Be sure to read and make sure the size is right for you before purchasing these. These do feel like a type of plastic frame and are not suitable for a prescription lens.


SIPU ユニセックス・アダルト

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