Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster 2372 New Men Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster 2372 New Men Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster 2372 New Men Eyeglasses説明

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Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster 2372 New Men Eyeglasses口コミ通販

At first sight they frames look very attractive. After few years of wearing almost the entire service of the plastic part became on white mat spots. These frames are made in China, for sure, and of very cheep plastics. I found the same from some quite known China store for only $20. I needed to replace the plastic part of the “genuine ones”. I am smashed, how the fakes are durable and there are no any problems with their plastic and these, so called original one gone for less than 1 and a half year.Two stars only for the design. Otherwise even one is too much. if you like it – order them directly from China.Even the delivery is free!

I love these glasses. This is my third pair over the years. They are classy, timeless and vintage all at the same time. They are also smaller than the Wayfarer and other retro models so they fit and look better on my face which is smaller. They are also pretty durable. I highly recommend this product and plan to continue buying them.

Excellent pair of prescription glasses for the style of the Clubmaster! The 49mm size is actually perfect size. Not too big or small for an oval shaped head. If you do not need prescription lenses or prefer to use contacts, then get the RB3016, because it also comes in 51mm (slightly larger) with quality RB lenses. I brought my pair of RB 5154 to Costco and got transitional lenses so I can use it at night (clear lenses) or as sunglasses (dark lenses) when outside. Note: transitional lenses do not turn dark inside the car if you’re driving. Pros: The retro style, the comfort, the feel. Cons: No spring hinges. Nosepiece is an older and more firm plastic design that is not easily replaced with something like a softer silicon version. Takes getting use to if you’ve previously used flexible nosepieces, but not a deal breaker! Frames are made in China. This is true for all RayBan frames. My last pair of RayBan that I bought at a hefty price from Kaiser Permanente Optical in 2010 were also made in China. Occasionally you may find one made in Italy, but it’s probably from an older stock. Amazon offers a lower price for real RayBan frames so if you’re looking for this style, sported by some celebrities, this is a great buy!

I purchased the Gold & Red Havana (49mm) eyeglass frames, and I love everything about them. First, they are 100% authentic Ray-Ban frames. Secondly, they are priced very fair on amazon. I usually see them going for anywhere between $140.-$165 at various locations. Third, they are very versatile! They look good on just about anybody, male or female. Lastly, they are well made, light weight, and durable. This look is in style right now but not everybody in the world is wearing them, which is good. They will still give you a sense of uniqueness and you will easily stand out amongst the crowd. 5-stars all day long!


Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster 2372 New Men Eyeglasses

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