SA106 レディース

SA106 レディース

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The frame size as printed on the temple is 54-17-140, so these were a little bigger than expected (based on the sizing in the description). The reviewer that commented that the frame fits tightly is correct, in my experience. I have a small to average head, and found them to fit snugly. The reason for only two stars is that I find the lenses to be eternally ‘foggy’. They just don’t provide a nice clear view and I’ve tried cleaning them every way imaginable. (I’ve worn glasses for decades, so know how to properly clean lenses). These work fine in a pinch, but the pair I picked up in a discount department store were far more clear than these. I’d recommend shopping for readers in person. But thankfully, Amazon offers free returns on these, so if they look and sound good to you, they may be worth a try!

I gave these glasses 2 stars because the frames are pretty. However, I am an average-sized woman with an average-sized head and they are a very tight fit. They squeeze my temples so tightly there is no way I could wear them without a resulting headache. There is no way to adjust them out to make them fit better. I am sad about it because I really wanted them. They would be great for a young person or someone with a really small head but if you are an average-sized adult, expect them to fit tightly.

These glasses have clear lenses free of defects. I returned them because I thought the color would be understated, but it’s just blah. They were just not cute enough.

Poor quality, very small frame. Definitely don’t look anywhere near as good in real as they do in the picture.


SA106 レディース

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