In Style Eyes ユニセックス・アダルト

In Style Eyes ユニセックス・アダルト

In Style Eyes ユニセックス・アダルト説明

In Style Eyes ユニセックス・アダルト口コミ通販

Just what I wanted – tried replacing a couple old pairs of foster grant sun readers but they sure don’t make it easy .These are nice, stylish, good for beach reading or anywhere in the sun and have that nice touch of Italian styling … ciao, Bella !!

I liked the look for a total of three days until I lost them While Jets skiing in Cancun. I was so pissed because of my stupidity I went and bought two more of these killer aviator glasses with the freaking bifocal are you kidding me perfect 2.5’s work best for me.

They look nice and seem to be good quality, but the magnification area is in an awkward spot, or maybe it’s just not big enough…

Bought these for my husband for his birthday. Loves them. Especially the color of the lenses. I buy this color myself most times. It’s great at filtering out glare but doesn’t darken everything else.


In Style Eyes ユニセックス・アダルト

In Style Eyes ユニセックス・アダルトはこちら