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I bought 3 different pairs of bifocal readers. These instantly became my favorite pair. I wear them everyday it is sunny out. They are lightweight and I love the bifocal! I am going to get an extra pair for my travel bag and one to leave in the car. I also bought EYEGUARD Unisex Classic Style Bifocal Sunglasses Readers which I use on the boat. Both, can be worn all day.Edit: I purchased these in July 2019 and have worn them pretty much everyday. September 2019 they broke. As noted, they are my favorite glasses and I take care of them like I would any other pair of glasses . I bought another pair. I’ll give them one more try.

I bought these reader sunglasses for my partner’s 50th birthday in May of this year. They arrived just in time for his birthday, so I was happy about that. The packaging was good and the glasses looked great. However, after just barely a little over a month of having them, The temple part of the sunglasses on right side has already cracked. He has been very careful with the glasses so he is pretty bummed that they already cracked. 🙁

When opening the sunglasses, the hinge on left side catches on the ear piece, causing it to separate and make a clicking sound. It’s a matter of time before piece breaks off. I sent them back and got another pair with the exact same problem.

While the glasses are very stylish and fit well on the face they lack the shading, in my opinion, to be considered sunglasses. The lenses are not very dark and the shading gradually fades out to clear where the bifocal reader is located.These glasses might be considered Sun glasses in San Francisco, but in South Texas along the Gulf Coast they don’t even come close to Sun Glasses.


MK Eyeglasses メンズ

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