JOSCHOO ユニセックス・アダルト US サイズ: M カラー: マルチカラー

JOSCHOO ユニセックス・アダルト US サイズ: M カラー: マルチカラー

JOSCHOO ユニセックス・アダルト US サイズ: M カラー: マルチカラー説明

JOSCHOO ユニセックス・アダルト US サイズ: M カラー: マルチカラー口コミ通販

I was really looking forward to these glasses while working from home. I have a few other bluelight glasses & always want more to keep throughout the house or leave at work. Unfortunately, these glasses never came and seller was unresponsive. 1 star review because otherwise I would leave 0. Not sure what happened, but glad amazon was able to refund me through their A to Z guarantee.If you’re looking for a good pair of blue light glasses try looking at ones from Anrri. I have many pairs of their tortoiseshell colored glasses which are lightweight, functional, and stylish. My other favorite pair are from Zenni which is a well known website to purchase reasonably priced eyewear. When I saw they had bluelight glasses on amazon I jumped on the opportunity to try them. Mine are black/brown ombré and I get a ton of compliments. Both brands I mentioned definitely help my eye strain and seem to block a decent amount of bluelight. Very happy with those sellers. Both of those items come with a hard case to protect your new glasses.

I accidentally ordered these with magnification (my fault). They came in within a couple of days so when I realized my mistake I put in for a return and happily reordered non-magnified lenses with the same seller. It’s been a couple of weeks now…. The new set shipped from China. I purposely choose to order from this seller because of the prime shipping and the fast shipping on the first set. They got me on the second set. I’m hoping I actually get them!

I’ve had problems with dry eyes (I wear contacts) for a few years. I was contemplated glasses at my last appointment but stuck with contacts. A friend got some of these and highly recommended them. I ordered some and saw a difference immediately! I could physically feel the release of my eyes not straining when I looked at the screen. My eyes don’t dry out like they used to and aren’t achy and tired by the end of the day. I’ve made everyone in the office look through them! They do have a yellow tint, but it doesn’t bother me.

These fit perfectly on my face and the frames are really cute. However, the lens does have a very yellow tint to them. They get the job done (reducing headaches at work), but I would never wear them around because of the yellowish tint.

JOSCHOO ユニセックス・アダルト US サイズ: M カラー: マルチカラー

JOSCHOO ユニセックス・アダルト US サイズ: M カラー: マルチカラーはこちら