Vision World Eyewear ユニセックス・アダルト

Vision World Eyewear ユニセックス・アダルト

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Seriously, just had these delivered and I can tell they are fabulous. Lightweight, lovely wood case, & as a Woman of a certain age, I appreciate that I can see without any funky, weird anomalies in the lenses. Once I have them for a bit, I’ll let you know about how these hold up.

Just received these less than an hour ago, and so far love them. My only complaint is that I’d ordered these after searching for reading glasses with lenses short enough I could easily see over top of them while watching television, and then just look down to read or fidget with my smart phone. The lenses are a little too tall for that. In fact they are only a couple of milometers shorter than the other pairs of reading glasses I own. However, they feel great, are very light weight, seem very well made, the prescription seems right on the money, and what I like best is how the lenses are attached to the frames. most partial frame lenses are attached where the frame slightly overlaps the lenses so they could screw the lenses in place. This causes little crevices where it’s hard to clean around them, often resulting in leaving smudges near these connection points. They are virtually impossible to get 100% clean. However, these have absolutely nothing overlapping the front or the back of the lenses, because the lenses attach to the frames ONLY on the lenses side edges, which will make getting the lenses entirely clean a breeze. There’s nothing to hinder you from cleaning the ENTIRE surface of both lenses. I’ve not seen that before in inexpensive partial frame reading glasses. The only reason I’m not giving them 5 stars is because of the lens height, because I’d have to actually dangle them from the tip of my nose to see over top of them. Maybe they weren’t mean for that, but these glasses are what came up on amazon when I searched for that type of lens.Although it’s hard to tell from the picture, the bridge piece which rests on your nose is NOT at all attached to the lens and is not at all in the way of cleaning the back of the lens.

Initially, I was not impressed by these reading glasses. They actually feel a bit flimsy and are better described as unobtrusive than stylish. After using them for a few months, though, I don’t see myself buying any other brand as long as these are made. The flimsy turned out to be a good thing (read on), and unobtrusive is not a problem when you value function more than form.The optics are very good. I notice some distortion if I pay careful attention, but this seems to be due to the interpupillary distance being a little bit off. Unfortunately, my eyes are set a little bit further apart than the industry standard for reading glasses. The distortion might cause my eyes to feel more tired than usual after reading for 3 or 4 hours, but, as I type, I’ve had them on for about 5 hours, and they’re still not bothering me.I almost always have my readers available because I can carry these in my jeans pockets, either front or back. They won’t drop out of my shirt pocket, there’s no chain to snag on anything, and I won’t accidentally leave them somewhere, all because my readers usually ride in my front jeans pocket next to my mobile phones. The top of the rim is a thin, clear, flexible material, the bridge is slightly flexible, and the temples are very flexible. This flexibility seems to be what allows the glasses to keep their shape but still survive my jeans pockets. I’ve learned that I need to exercise more common sense, though. I just ordered another pair because, after doing a 16-mile hike and several walks on the beach with my readers in my front shorts pocket, the lenses got thoroughly pitted in a 1/2 cm spot in the middle of my field of vision.Imagine having your reading glasses slide off your face while you’re looking down, trying to put a tiny screw back into a different pair of reading glasses. I’ve never had this happen since getting theses glasses. They’re very light, the temples are slightly grippy, and the nose piece fits me well, so I rarely need to push these glasses back up…they essentially don’t slide. This is also the first pair of reading glasses I’ve owned that didn’t require tightening the screws occasionally.Finally, the bridge has a flat and wide shape that’s easy for me to grasp with my thumb and forefinger, so I can easily take these glasses off or put them back on with one hand. I can take them off, fold them up, and put them in my pocket with one hand. Unfolding them one-handed can be done, but isn’t as easy.Overall, these readers are fantastic. I highly recommend them.

Thrilled with these glasses! I’ve searched and searched for reading glasses that do not give me headaches! I can read in these for hours! I’m not sure what the slight, opaque color does for the lens, but it is not visible when reading. Most glasses have too much pressure on my head and the headaches start. I can feel above my ear and feel where the glasses pressed. I do not have that issue with these! They are stylish and lightweight. The case alone should cost what glasses and case cost! I have ordered five pair so far. If you have a problem with reading glasses and headaches, give these a try! You will probably end up with five pair too! Cannot believe the cost for such quality!


Vision World Eyewear ユニセックス・アダルト

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