Agstum ユニセックス・アダルト スポーツ EF-123

Agstum ユニセックス・アダルト スポーツ EF-123

Agstum ユニセックス・アダルト スポーツ EF-123説明


アグスタムの違いを発見する Amazonで最高品質の光学フレームとカスタマーサービスを提供します。 フレームに生涯破損保証 30日間返金保証。 特徴と用途 ✓耐久性のある光学ガラス。 ✓柔軟性のある寺院。 ✓ 調節可能な幅。 ✓ 通常どおりに動作します。 ✓ ビジネスライフスタイルに最適なファッションフレームデザイン。 ✓ 超軽量チタン+TR90フレーム:あなたの顔に感じることはほとんどありませんが、壊れません。 ✓ 純チタン+TR90フレームは、比類のない耐久性に加え、今日利用可能な最も快適なフィット感を提供します。 ✓ これらのフレームにはクリアレンズが付属しており、目を傷つけません。コスチュームやファッションの目的に合わせて着用することができます。 ✓ レンズをローカル光学ストアでこれらのフレームに入れることができます。 商品内容: メガネフレーム1個。 メガネケース x 1。 クリーニングソフトクロス1枚。 お手入れ: [ヒント!] ギフトに最適。 [ヒント!] 当社の他のメガネをチェックしてください: 100%満足保証。 リスクフリーでお試しください。 今すぐカートに入れてください。

Agstum ユニセックス・アダルト スポーツ EF-123口コミ通販

I usually buy high-end glasses frames from the local eye doc, but their selection is hit or miss and I couldn’t find any I really liked so I took a chance on these.For around $30 they are great! The style is good for a business environment where you can’t wear anything too cool but yet want some style.Minor quality issues that do not at all affect the wear, e.g.- the plastic ear pieces do not meet the metal part of the hinge exactly, but you only notice it if you really look for it – no one else would notice it. Also, the metal pieces to which the nose pads attach are a little thicker and the attachment method is not typical – hoping the nose pads stay attached and if not will be easy to find a replacement. If these were $300 frames I would be concerned but perfectly fine for $30 ones.The lab that made the Rx lenses had no issues with those. The combo works very well for me.I saw that the same frame appears to be offered / branded by Bertha. The logo is visible on the ear piece so I went with this brand (no offense to Berthas everywhere).

Over time I have beat the frames because of my rough handling. The lenses remained perfect. After receiving these I popped the lenses out of the old frames and placed them in these. They look great.

I was skeptical of buying glasses online and from another country. I bought the frames first just to see if they fit and the quality. Then I bought them again this time had them use my prescription to add the prescription lenses (additional cost). Now that I’ve had them for over 4 months. The quality is top-notch and they work very well. I don’t have any problems with the lenses (I take care not to put harsh cleansers on them).I did take the original frames I purchased to Costco to get the lenses put in. They said because these were custom frames they couldn’t do lenses (because how the nose supports are attached). I think it is just to get me to purchase the frames from them.Well, I am glad I purchased from this supplier. I will purchase another pair with bifocal next time. Cost me a total of $100; frames $30, prescription lenses $70.

I love the comfort and sophisticated looks. I even like the bluish glaze coating on the lens. (I am wearing them for looks and eye protection.) My job requires eye protection at certain places. The only nit I have is the sides are plastic, but they dont look cheap. Light weight – If you need a sturdy frame these are probably not it. YMMV – for fit I checked dimensions against my old frame before purchase.


Agstum ユニセックス・アダルト スポーツ EF-123

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