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I first ordered a pair of these glasses about a year ago, and I loved them. They broke after a year of heavy use, which is ok at this price point. I loved them so much I ordered another pair. I just received them and they are NOT the same frame. The previous glasses were a cat eye, but classy and very flattering. This frame is an extremely exaggerated cat eye, very costume-y or cartoony. Great if you want to be cat woman, not great if you want to wear them and look professional. When I reordered these it was from my original listing, so was of course expecting the same frame. Just because its still a cat eye frame does not mean its the same. The seller needs to create a new listing! Returned.

PerfectA little follow up almost a year later : since it is a cheap glasses I would buy 2 pairs,mine just broke,buying another one now .

I purchase a lot of glasses and these are a favorite. They have a nice hand to them and look expensive.Buy them!

These lenses are more rounded than cat eye so having a rounder face, they don’t look great on me. The large, round magnified glass gives you a bit of a “bug eye”. I like them but I am not sure they will make it into my rotation.


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