Style Eyes unisex-adult

Style Eyes unisex-adult

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These glasses fit well, even on my large head, and have a well situated magnification section which does not interfere with long distance vision. The wrap around feature affords additional eye protection. I regularly fly fish for salmon in remote northern parts of Alaska, and for stripers in New England, as well as small mouth bass in local rivers in Virginia. These glasses seem to work well in these situations, offering good polarized vision on the water, and sufficient magnification to thread a hook and tie on a fly. I would recommend these glasses as a go to pair for fly fishermen. They are really a bargain at the price and offer the same quality as many more expensive versions. Excellent product.

Amazing glasses. The bi-focal is wider than most which make it a lot easier on the eyes to focus on your dash board for driving. Great fit and they are VERY lite. They work great for fishing as well. A lot of “polarized” glasses do not take the glare off the water, These do. I will be ordering a few more pairs to leave in the truck, 4 wheeler, and the boat, and one just to wear around the yard.

Arrived just in time for our cruise! I needed something for the Caribbean bright sun with the added bifocal/magnifier. Very comfortable and snug fit. They came in handy when sitting on the beach in the Bahamas as well as being aboard the ship with bright sun. I will be using these as well for fishing and hunting. Great UV protection and awesome polarization for taking the glare off. I would absolutely buy these again.

After Cataract surgery, my distance vision is again excellent, but not so good with close up (common problem I am told). These plolarized bifocal lenses are just the right solution for outdoor use when I need (occasionally) to read small print (like on a tape measure). The transition point is just right to avoid problems with medium to distant work. Slip on some Croakies and I am good to go! construction seems to be good. When (not if) the lenses get scratched, replacement will not break the bank!


Style Eyes unisex-adult

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