Norperwis ユニセックス・アダルト

Norperwis ユニセックス・アダルト

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I think these reading glasses are great for the price. I was looking for low strength readers mainly because I wanted to see how my vision would be adding a +0.05 to my current prescription. I find it really hard to decide in the doctors office and having these gave me the chance to put them on over my regular prescription and get an idea of how it would be while sitting and watching TV and looking out in my own house rather than when you are at the eye doctor and they give you 5 minutes to decide what is best for you.The glasses were not super expensive looking, the frames are typical and if you wore them a lot they would hold up like other readers in this price range. What I really liked was that the lenses were nice and clear and allowed me to see clearly in the distance and up close.If you are looking for reading glasses in a low strength these are great. They also give you a nice big lens to look through.Thanks for reading my reviewBecky Brooks

For the price these can’t be beat. They are lightweight, magnify as expected, and don’t pinch/squeeze the sides of my head. That’s my biggest issue with readers – that they squeeze my head and are uncomfortable. These have narrow arms, fit snugly but not too tight, and do not slip on my nose. I am a petite female with a generally small head and they fit great. I think they look nice, too.FOLLOW UP 2/18/2020: I’ve spent upwards of $100 on fancy readers and yet these are STILL the ones I reach for as I prefer the magnification and comfort. What a value!!

The Yays:LightweightSkinny armsCase for each pair!Large cleaning clothIndividually baggedVery affordableAttractive frameThe Boos:A bit wide – easy to slip off looking downOverall, this purchase is a Bazooka Yay!

I had been wearing In Style Eyes Flexible Readers, at $20 a pair. These are very nearly as light and comfortable, but much better, in that they probably won’t snap in two while cleaning them, like my last pair of Flexible Readers did. For about 1/6 the price, each, I highly recommend these!!


Norperwis ユニセックス・アダルト

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