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I purchased these sunglasses for flying in a commercial airliner. I always used Serengeti Drivers with excellent results. They are not $250.00Serengeti’s, but not at all bad for $30.00. It was my first attempt to use bifocal reader sunglasses.. It took a little time to get comfortable using them, but instantly could see the advantages they offer. To be able to read charts without switching to readers was priceless. The qualityis excellent for the price. The lens color and shade is similar to the Serengeti Drivers that I like so much. I look forward to using them more in the future.

I was skeptical about the quality of this product because of the price. I have several pairs of Vuarnet, Ray-Ban, Serengeti, and other eyeglasses. Over the years, my close range vision has deteriorated, so I needed a pair I could read with at the beach. I decided to give these a try, but didn’t expect much. I must say they have turned out to be much, much better than expected. The lenses are distortion free and the frames are stylish and well made. Instead of throw away beach wear, they are my first choice for driving. Excellent value.

Great value. These are my favorite driving and general out door use sunglasses. Note: The reading glass area is fairly small which is just right for most out door activities, because it is not in field of view, but ready if you need it to thread a fishing line on a hook, or read some small print.. If the primary goal is to read on the beach there are other sunglass options with larger reading areas that you might find more useful, just know that you will have a blurry patch in your field of view when not reading.

Great quality. Nice fit. Reader lenses in perfect location. These came with a high quality hard case that you don’t even get with Oakley’s and other $100+ sunglasses. These are much better looking and higher quality than I expected, which is rare these days. I’ll be buying a 2nd spare pair to keep in my car. I may even give these as gifts to a few of my friends.


In Style Eyes unisex-adult

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