ToBeInStyle UNDERWEAR レディース

ToBeInStyle UNDERWEAR レディース

ToBeInStyle UNDERWEAR レディース説明

メイン素材: Materials: 85%Nylon, 15% Spandex愛する持ち手をカバーしたい方も、体の曲線を滑らかにしたい方も、このハイウエストブリーフは超スリムな見た目を与え、あなたを美しく最高の気分にします。推奨お手入れ方法:冷水で洗濯機洗い、漂白剤使用不可、吊り干し。サイズはS、M、L、XL、2XLがあります。6色のパックからランダムに選択されます:ブラック、ベージュ、ベビーブルー、パープル、ピンク、サンド、レッド、ホワイト。 複製可能。

ToBeInStyle UNDERWEAR レディース口コミ通販

I originally bought this panties because I needed some loose fitting granny panties to wear after my C Section that would go over my incision. They were a bit tight to put on even though I ordered a large (out the hospital, I was 5’3 and 172 pounds). However, I was able to pull them up and because the fit was a bit snug, it acted as a girdle to hold things in place. I have now dropped 20 lbs in water weight in about a week and these fit much better now, still providing the support I need. These panties have an elastic/spandex like feel to them so if you’re looking for loose and comfortable, maybe choose something else. But if you want a fitted, tummy control, high waisted retro feel, these panties are great! I actually am glad I have them as I try to shed the rest of my pregnancy weight.

Cute but you need to order at least two sizes larger than you usually wear. XL is more like a medium.

I wish it came in more neutral colors. Look nice, the quality is acceptable.

Good quality cloth made of fit comfortable like it lot

ToBeInStyle UNDERWEAR レディース

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