lur レディース

lur レディース

lur レディース説明

lur レディース口コミ通販

These were good, not too heavy and not flimsy. I thought they were a good weight for reading glasses. Nice colors that gave a fashion statement and good balance of colors. Set included matching cases and cleaning cloths for each pair. A very good price for what was included and the quality of the glasses.

They are nice but they are so wide. They fall off

My wife loved these glasses! She loves matching her frames to her outfit and these were perfect for her. I made big points with this purchase! Everywhere she goes, someone will stop her to tell her they love her glasses and ask where she got them! Add some more colors like yellow and green and I will get more! Thanks for this product!

These work great! They are nice and wide. I have a pair for every situation now.


lur レディース

lur レディースはこちら