MEETSUN 目こし防止 ブルーライトブロックグラス ゲーム/読書用 UV400 レンズ コンピューター用メガネ

MEETSUN 目こし防止 ブルーライトブロックグラス ゲーム/読書用 UV400 レンズ コンピューター用メガネ

MEETSUN 目こし防止 ブルーライトブロックグラス ゲーム/読書用 UV400 レンズ コンピューター用メガネ説明

仕様: レンズ幅:53mm、レンズ高さ:40mm、ブリッジ:12mm、フレーム合計:135mm、アーム:138mm、重量:0.7オンス。 製品の特長: 軽量設計のブルーライトフィルターメガネは、明るい蛍光照明オフィスでの目の負担を軽減します。画面を見たり、テレビを見たり、読書をしたりする目を使うと、1日8時間以上使用しても、頭痛を劇的に軽減します。 モニターの使用による傷から目を守り、より良い睡眠を得ることができます。 パッケージ内容: メガネクロス1枚。 1 x メガネバッグ。 1 x 精巧なパッケージ。 1 x アンチブルーライトテストカード。 1 x アンチブルーライトテストランプ。 1 x Mini 4 in 1ステンレススチールドライバー

MEETSUN 目こし防止 ブルーライトブロックグラス ゲーム/読書用 UV400 レンズ コンピューター用メガネ口コミ通販

Cute glasses that help me reduce eye strain. I work at a computer most of the day and towards the end of the day, I have a pounding migraine. So far, these glasses have helped to reduce that.

I have been experiencing severe light sensitivity after a moderate TBI 3 years ago, and am especially sensitive to blue-light, which is hard to avoid with all the daily devices. My IT guy bought me a special blue-light reduced PC monitor, which helped a lot, but I spend a lot of time on my pad and personal PC outside of work, and watch a lot of television. I had been battling severe migraines for years, and even though replaced all the LED bulbs in my house with warm light halogens or amber incandescent bulbs, I couldn’t avoid using my pad and laptop. I decided to try these, and even though I wasn’t sure I would be a fan of the large cat eye shaped frame, they are actually very sexy! They are very comfortable and I wear them out and about all the time now if I’m going to be shopping somewhere I know the lights will bother me, and get a lot of compliments. My migraines resolved immediately too! Every once in awhile I get too lazy to go find where I put them down and will use my pad without them, and end up with a severe migraine quickly. I wish this company had more basic feminine frames, because I would like to have an extra pair. I had also bought a cheaper pair at the same time, and, well, you get what you pay for! I actually got an instant headache the first time I put them on, so sent them back!! If you have had the same experience with other brands, you definitely need to try this brand before giving up! The only suggestion I have for the vendor is they should consider including a hard case to better protect them, for customers who don’t happen to have an extra case sitting around.

Stylist frames with retro cateye design lenses The glasses are some of the best I have ever used, and this is my 3rd pair. The most impressive thing is how clear the screen remains while wearing them. Wear without burden. Includes a very unique screwdriver repair kit. Also include a blue light tester. Need some relief, this is for you.

I’ve ordered the clear cat eye frames and they’re gorgeous for my oval face ! To be honest, in my own opinion, I cant tell much of a difference, well, slightly actually . I’m not saying they do not work, just not for me . I’m an architect designer and I sit in front of the computer 12 hrs daily , and with these glasses my eyes still tend to strain, but not as much as they used , if that makes sense lol


MEETSUN 目こし防止 ブルーライトブロックグラス ゲーム/読書用 UV400 レンズ コンピューター用メガネ

MEETSUN 目こし防止 ブルーライトブロックグラス ゲーム/読書用 UV400 レンズ コンピューター用メガネはこちら