Vision World Eyewear ユニセックス・アダルト

Vision World Eyewear ユニセックス・アダルト

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Ordered these reading glasses for their anti-reflective coating, lacking from a different pair I had. The antireflective coating is decent enough, and along with the accurate +1 correction that I ordered, is probably one of the two positive features of these glasses. The negs, unfortunately, pile up in a hurry:* The bow mounts are skewed up-down, which makes the bows sit at odd angles, half an inch different from ear to ear* The bows are definitely metal, but they are not steel. They are actually pig iron, which means that their adjustability is severely hampered* Attempting to adjust the bows, even with jewelers tools, results in breakage of the bow* The hinge knuckle is extra-narrow, which means that its fragility requires extra care in using the glasses for the rest of their service life* The lens mounts are non-adjustable, which is typical for most glasses, but in this case they are not even well-cemented, and make terrible rending sounds under the slightest torsionI mentioned that these glasses are great for a DIYer. This means, if you break the easily broken bows, you can get out your handy backup pair of reading glasses to aid you in affixing the bows from a different pair of reading glasses onto this now-disabled pair. To do this, I recommend a useful set of micro-screwdrivers such as 

This is first time buying reading glasses that are no prescription. Before had 2 different strengths so had to get from optical shop. Wanted to get these from Amazon instead of ‘drug store’ so I could get the AR coating. Chose these because of the style and price.They were OK when first put on, but then I found by going online that I could make adjustments to the arms, nosepiece, temple, so that they fit perfectly.One reviewer mentioned they were to small for face. I noticed they felt a little tight too, so based on instructions online about eyeglasses problems and solutions, I stretched out one of the arms so it no longer seemed too tight.From reading those instructions, metal frame adjustment seems easy to do at home. I might be more nervous doing adjustments on plastic frames.

Love the look of these glasses, but I bought them based on the anti-glare property mentioned. Wanted to use them for teleconferencing, and didn’t want the glare to show from my eyeglasses. These DO NOT WORK for this purpose; they reflect the computer light from the screen just as much as the dollar store cheapies. Love the glasses based on look and durability, but don’t buy them for glare resistance if you want them to use when doing Skype or similar–won’t work.

This is a excellent product. The lenses are very thick and your “close-up” vision will extend farther than you expect. The frames are metal. They are in no way flimsy. Very reasonably priced. One thing: they are NOT half-rims. The top is low, so it’s not too difficult to see over them, but they’re more like three-quarter rims. Otherwise I’m perfectly satisfied.


Vision World Eyewear ユニセックス・アダルト

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