Style Eyes ユニセックス・アダルト

Style Eyes ユニセックス・アダルト

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When I bought this product I noted the reviews that said the glasses were flimsy and poorly-made, but now that I have received them don’t understand how anyone could say that. To my eye they are unusually sturdy. I’m sure they might break if someone sat on them, but that’s true for nearly all eyeglasses. In the meantime they strike me as very comfortable, given the way they adjust to one’s head size through the spring-loaded frame, and they are quite attractive, at least in tortoise shell. I’m ready to order another pair.

Negatives1. Picture does not accurately represent what I received. The sides on the pair I received are a light, clear orange color that does not match the tortoise shell portion of the front frame.2. Instead of more durable plastic, the main side arms are weak and thin metal with tiny screws of just the type that fall out in a little bit of time.3. One main reason to pay so much for “reading” glasses is style, however another reason would be a durable design.4. Spring loaded hinges that should be a “plus” are more of an issue because they have parts to fall out and break.5. Style looks good from the front, shoddy on the sides.On the plus side (two stars):1. Lens quality is quite clear and good.2. Glasses come with a very nice case.If you’re looking for the more durable all plastic clunky frame type setup that can handle hooking on a tee shirt neck or tossing in a pocket, these are not it. Also, if you want more consistent style, maybe Orvis (but much more money).If you are gentle on your reading glasses and also, if you don’t care what they look like other than looking at yourself in the mirror directly, you may enjoy these glasses. If I find out that the seller has changed the photograph to show what I received, I’ll add a star. If they break or have further issues in 90 days or less, I’m knocking a star.Edit Sept. 6, 2015The right arm fell off. Now I have one out of two pairs left. The picture has not changed, and one of two pair are broken. Knocking another star.Edit August 25, 2016It has been several months since the arm broke off of the second pair that I barely used. Two out of two pairs failed. Not going to update this review anymore.

I have now purchased 3 or 4 pairs of this product, since they deliver what they promise in style and practicality for the constant reading I do. However, they come with a high price tag, since I have never been able to make a pair last more than a few weeks — when one of the temples falls off at the hinge. I have had many reading glasses, and in fact, several much cheaper pairs seem to be more resilient and durable. Ironically, when the hinge came apart again while traveling recently in California, I stepped into a local eyewear store to see if the staff could attach a new screw to mend it. They examined it and gave up in frustration — pointing to a unique design of the hinge and temple that prevented them from offering me a simple repair.I would like to purchase again, but suppose I must wait until this eyewear is redesigned or fixed so that it can be more durable and reliable. At this time, it simply fails the test.

In Style Eyes Wall Street II reading glasses are very nice looking reading glasses and, until recently, were also of relatively high quality. The last two pairs I purchased were defective, however. After several months of use, the screw attaching the arm to the rest of the frame came undone. Once that happens, the glasses are useless because it is very difficult to reinsert the screw – even an eyeglasses shop had a great deal of difficulty replacing the frame screw.


Style Eyes ユニセックス・アダルト

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