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Agstum unisex-adult

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It worked for 3 weeks then broked.

Had to buy a second pair because the first ones broke in the right arm after just 3 months of wearing them and the prescription lens doesn’t fit on another frame. I wish they had some sort of guarantee but I’m not from USA so there is nothing I can do about it, shame cause I was really happy with them.

I like this glasses they’re light and you don’t feel it as much in the face. The material feels fragile so I wouldn’t recommend folding all the time. The case in which it came it looked cheap but I still keep the case of my old glasses that it’s better so that doesn’t matter. I replaced the lenses to my prescribed one’s I’m I get lots of compliments for how stylish they look.

The best glasses I ever had.


Agstum unisex-adult

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