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This is my second pair of these glasses – I ordered them previously in a lower strength but sadly, now need 2.0’s – ha ha! They look great, feel comfortable even tho they are large frames, and the “reading glasses” portion is positioned so that when you don’t need it (like while I am driving or just taking a walk) it doesn’t interfere with your vision.

I just received these glasses today and I love them, love them, love them. They fit tight like I love, and they fit perfect, and I can see out of them, and most important they fit comfortable. I shall order some more sunglasses like these again. The measurements are perfect for me and I shall order another pair but the ones that are picture with a zebra image. So thank you amazon.

I liked these at first and gave them a 5 star review. But a few months into owning them, the reader part got blurred and foggy. I think it’s because the readers are literally stuck onto the outside lenses. If they were integrated into the lens, then it probably wouldn’t fog up. I have some 20 dollar glasses from CVS that are integrated into the lens, and they are wonderful. Also. it’s irritating to feel the reader lens on top of the regular lens.

These bifocal reader sunglasses are perfect for me. The lens are just a tad darker than I expected (compared to the photo), but they are very comfortable, easy for reading, and great looking! Love them.


Fiore レディース

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