TIJN ブルーライトカットメガネ [透明レンズ] PCメガネ 紫外線よけ ファッション 復古 丸型 男女兼用

TIJN ブルーライトカットメガネ [透明レンズ] PCメガネ 紫外線よけ ファッション 復古 丸型 男女兼用

TIJN ブルーライトカットメガネ [透明レンズ] PCメガネ 紫外線よけ ファッション 復古 丸型 男女兼用説明


TIJN ブルーライトカットメガネ [透明レンズ] PCメガネ 紫外線よけ ファッション 復古 丸型 男女兼用口コミ通販

I look at two bright screens all day and was getting headaches and could feel eye strain. These arrived a day early and I could feel the effect immediately.

Hey I love these glasses! Arrived quickly and in good condition, they have just enough tint to make a decent difference and everything warm coloured without being obviously not ordinary glasses when on. It just takes the edge off brightness of screens but also general light. I think they look nice too! Great quality for the price. They do have a bit of glare but is fine if you wear them at the top of your nose. Very impressed, thank you.Edit: I’ve been wearing these pretty much every day for two months now, I still love them BUT I do find that they steam up easily when im out and about with sweat evaporating off my nose. I think the design doesn’t help, so I’m buying another pair with the little feet to keep a gap between my nose and the glasses. Keeping them at 5 stars as I’m still very pleased!

I didn’t think these would be legit but oh my days what a life saver! I’m in front of a screen all day everyday and my sleeping pattern has suffered because of it, but these really do add a tint! The glasses themselves have a subtle orangey glaze but it’s hardly noticeable when looking at them!

Background;I work in an office and am at a computer roughly 8-9 hours a day. All lighting around me is the ‘new’ super white LED type.Purchased these as I had been suffering with tired eyes leading to headaches – especially a couple of days in to the week. The weekend was providing the respite needed!Having heard of ‘blue light blocking’/’computer glasses’ I thought it best to try on a relatively inexpensive pair before shelling out. As someone who has fantastic eyesight and does not normally wear glasses it took me a day or two to become used to wearing these. I persevered and after the first week, I now would not want to be at work without them! Have helped my eyes (and the subsequent headaches) no end! Would definitely recommend wearing continuously throughout the day rather than on/off wear as this really helps you get accustomed.The quality of the frame is decent, the lenses also are okay – not expecting scratch-proof/glare-free/ultra sharp etcetera as per more expensive lenses/frames but for the money definitely worth it.If you’re looking to see if this type of thing will help you, these are the ones to go for. Lets you ‘diagnose’ on the cheap!


TIJN ブルーライトカットメガネ [透明レンズ] PCメガネ 紫外線よけ ファッション 復古 丸型 男女兼用

TIJN ブルーライトカットメガネ [透明レンズ] PCメガネ 紫外線よけ ファッション 復古 丸型 男女兼用はこちら