CliC マグネットリーダー オリジナル XXL

CliC マグネットリーダー オリジナル XXL

CliC マグネットリーダー オリジナル XXL説明

CliCリーダーはフロントマグネット接続でスタイリッシュなデザインを提供します。 連続テンプルがネックバンドに巻き付けてあるので、取り外したいときは、アイピースを分離して首に掛けてください。 もう読者を間違える必要はありません。 複数のディオプターとカラーをご用意しています。CliC Reader Original XXLは、調節可能なテンプル長さ(標準フィットより1/2インチ長め)で、幅広にフィットします。TR 90フレキシブルフレーム素材、アクリルレンズ、特許取得済みのネオジム磁気技術で強力なフロント接続。光学的品質:当社の製品のレンズは簡単に取り出せ、ほとんどの処方箋と交換できます。調節可能なヘッドバンド幅&テンプル長さ8 ¼インチから9インチ、フレームの幅5.75インチ、水平レンズ2インチ、垂直レンズ1インチ、ノーズブリッジ5/8。

これらのユニークな老眼鏡は特許取得済みのネオジム磁気システムを備え、グラスをブリッジに一緒に組み立てることができます。 ヘッドバンドは体にぴったりフィットし、頭に巻き付けてぴったりと快適にフィットします。 装着は簡単です。 バンドを頭の周りに配置し、磁石をブリッジに集めるだけです。 脱ぎたいですか? 問題ありません。 マグネットを引き離すだけで、眼鏡は首に快適に掛けられます。 そうすれば、再び必要な時にどこにあるかを正確に把握できます。 このマグネット式フロント接続リーダーは究極の利便性を提供します。 軽量で快適、必要な時にいつでも使えます。 失くしたグラスに終止符を打幅とテンプルの長さの両方で大きめサイズのおしゃれなXXLモデル。 特許取得済みのXXLヘッドバンドは、幅とテンプルの長さの両方で調節可能で、完璧なカスタムフィットを実現します。 フレームサイズは調節可能なので、XXLは男性にも女性にも最適です。 レンズは光学的に正確で、歪みがないため、何を読んでいてもクリアな視界を提供します。

CliC マグネットリーダー オリジナル XXL口コミ通販

The vendor is charging $5.00 MORE than the glasses sell for on the manufacturer’ website so it’s really difficult to think of this as “PRIME” free shipping as I obviously paid for it; so beware. I’m not sure the sizing is very accurate. I ordered XXL and can’t imagine a bigger melon than mine wearing these as I assume the sizing is the same across the board for “men” or “women”. While these would appear (in blue) for women only….what about the more ambiguous styles? Please note that I am not reviewing the service provided by this vendor…the glasses came in the time frame indicated. The lenses are nice and clear, they are very handy as I am somewhat notorious for putting my glasses down and backtracking to find them again. I would really like to see a super flexible head band that doesn’t wrap around the back of my head so closely. I feel like the back of my head now has a weird carrying handle for my noggin and was a little self conscious about the style initially, but practicality won out. These appear to be made of quality components and I would recommend them for that reason, but I am still peeved about vendor’s price hike and I am dinging a star because of the price. **I only wear these at home now because I really dislike the look of them sticking out on the back of my head, and my hair is too short to disguise this. They are, however, still new looking. Lenses clear and scratch free, and frames in good condition.

Finally ! I have a crate of broken readers because they just don’t make them wide enough. So typically after a few months of having your glasses leaving indentations on the side of your head they finally break and of course they can’t be fixed. I finally tried a pair of the Clic wide glasses and I’m glad I did. For beginners they adjust on the sides and back so once adjusted there is no pressure on the side of your head and none on the bridge of your nose. They have great flexibility so putting them on or taking them off is as easy as a regular pair of readers. The magnets that hold them together in from are very secure so there is no issue with them popping off. Now for the best part, the lenses are much more accurate that any other readers I have had and they are crystal clear. You’ll notice the difference immediately. When I look at how many broken pairs of glasses I own these are an incredible bargain. Now that I know 1st hand how well they are made and how comfortable they are I can order more.

The glasses arrived in damaged in a timely manner. I ordered them because the first pair I ordered were too small for my poor husband’s oversized head. These fit perfectly. The magnetic closing works well, and the strap is comfortable. He says they are not in the way, but they are there when he needs them, as he only needs them for reading and close work.

The expandabilty of the bows and the neck loop make this version much more versitile than the original “one size fits all” Clic Magnetic Front connection reading glasses. Not everyone has a bowling pin head!

CliC マグネットリーダー オリジナル XXL

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