Vision World Eyewear ユニセックス・アダルト

Vision World Eyewear ユニセックス・アダルト

Vision World Eyewear ユニセックス・アダルト説明

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I’m hard on glasses and am known to crack the frames fairly quickly. After two months, I’m not seeing any stress cracks yet. Neither are the arms getting loose, meaning the glasses aren’t yet slipping off my head. These glasses can’t be considered cheaply made. They’re not high end, but c’mon, it’s $6/pair! My favorite part of these glasses, aside from being transparent as I wanted, is that they are only 134mm across from edge to edge. The ideal would be 132mm, but all the other glasses are 135mm and that is huge on my nearly-child-size head :). These aren’t the kind of glasses you keep in a case at all times during which they’re not on your face. They are the kinds you stash in every room, in your glove box, backpack, etc. Stock up with confidence.

So many inexpensive readers say they are gray or clear and when they come they are a dirty pale tan color next to my white hair (where I push them up when not reading) THESE are wonderful! Absolutely clear frames and it looks like a lot longer lasting hinges than most. VERY comfortable on my nose AND pushed up on my head! Will buy more!

Just arrived. Observations: The frames “are” clear as described. The frames are a medium width rectangle (and in “my” opinion the perfect size rectangle) which gives you clear viewing and enough shape but not too much that over powers one’s face. They are very complimentary. The glass is clean and properly set – no blurring or peripheral issues. The hinges are “tight”. I’ve read some reviews where they’ve stated these glasses fall apart early. Maybe they do, only time will tell, but I suspect it is because the hinges are so very tight and if you pull the stem without properly supporting the eyeglass frame I could see how that would begin to pull the glued and pinned hinge away from the inset. The glasses are assembled just like every other pair of readers. The hinges are “not” spring loaded. My overall opinion: Clean, lightweight, accurate visibility, good looking pair(s) of glasses that I would (and will) buy again. I will update should any change occur.

I love these glasses so much! I love the clear frames and they feel so comfortable on my nose and on my ears. I’m very happy.


Vision World Eyewear ユニセックス・アダルト

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