GREAT PICK ユニセックス・アダルト

GREAT PICK ユニセックス・アダルト

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I am soooo happy i got these. i spend hours on a computer in work then hours more on my working from my cell at laptop at home. i could feel the difference instantly as i put them on and type this from my PC. You can literally feel the improvement in eye strain…I will eventually get one for my son soon…

I like these, they are cute, and great price. I think the biggest thing is being convinced or knowing that they do actually make a difference. I work from a desktop computer at work which doesn’t bother me much but I did start to notice staring at my lab top started hurting my eyes. I put on the glasses and it’s seems like they probably do help some…maybe I just need more time with it to know for sure.

I purchased these based on the “Blue Light test” testimonial video. The PROS: 1) No more headaches or migraines. 2) No more eyestrain or blurry vision. 3) No more insomnia. 4) Durable, survived a drop from about five feet onto concrete, with no resulting scratch, dent, or breakage, as if the drop never happened. 5) Lightweight, I have been wearing these all day and night, so far. 6) Comes with an eyeglass case and cleaning cloth. 7) The vendor/company appears to stand behind its product, providing a lifetime breakage warranty. A card is included with the order, stating that if a customer is not happy and experiences any problem to please contact them, so that they can resolve the problem. ALSO, fast shipping and great price. CONS: None so far. CONCLUSION: Great buy.

I got these for my boyfriend, who 1) is on his computer all of the time and 2) wishes he had bad eyesight so he could wear glasses (He likes the look). I thought that they felt a bit flimsier than they looked when I pulled them out of the box- the plastic feels a tad cheap- but they’ve held up fine so far and he loves them. The filter is very obviously working- if you hold it up to your computer screen you can see the difference through the lenses easily. I have prescription glasses with a built-in blue light filter, and I’m pretty sure that these ones are stronger than the filter on my glasses.


GREAT PICK ユニセックス・アダルト

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