WealthyShades レディース

WealthyShades レディース

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Son unos anteojos de bloqueo de luz azul sin aumento, son bastante ligeros y su diseño es como el de la imagen, son cómodos de usar

These glasses are beautiful. The glitter is nice , elegant lookin. The pink is almost rose gold , slightly peachy , tan pink , see through glossy.They are somewhat small but I wouldn’t call it kid size. They don’t feel too tight in the ear area but they are snug and they are very lightweight so even the slightly snug feeling is not bothersome. If you feel that you have a wide face or just like the fit of wider pairs these certainly are not for you. It’s a small , fitted pair. They really should say this in the description , the fit of these glasses is very particular , if I had not noticed the comments about it before purchasing I might have been taken aback by the size and fit.

Lightweight, stylish with a lite dusting of glitter on the top edges nothing that’s too much. The frames are smaller in size. They were purchased for an 11 year old child and they work great.

These are the best glasses you can buy and a great value! The lenses are clear and high quality and you can tell the frames are very well made! This is the third pair of blue light blocking glasses I’ve ordered and the only one worth keeping.


WealthyShades レディース

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